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Sticking with Your Goals

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Goals can be hard. When we put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve a certain thing, it can almost have the opposite effect.  This infographic describes how unsuccessful most people are at achieving their New Years resolutions, but this can be applicable to any goals we set without approaching it consciously and realistically. 

Several issues can contribute to these failures. Did you set a goal for something you really wanted for yourself or was it more so based on an outside influence? Was it too general? Did you set too many goals at once and felt overwhelmed with all of the big changes? Did you create a plan to ease into the change? Did you make a change that was too big of a jump from your normal routine? These are some questions you can ask to take a step back and reevaluate your approach or even your goal altogether. 

According to new research, setting new habits may take closer to 66 days vs. the 21 days that you make have heard previously. So that means for 66 days, you need to consciously choose to do those things that will eventually become a new habit to bring in that long term change that you desire.  

Where are you in your process? Have you given up? Now is the time to get motivated, make adjustments and keep working towards those things that are important to you and your personal growth.  Stay the course and don’t quit!