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News and HBBS

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  • Our CrossFit Kids programs will resume on September 9th.  For more information and to sign up go here
  • Please calendar in our Friday 7-9AM Level II class
  • We continue to offer Pilates on Friday at 4PM
  • Due to scheduling challenges our Open Gym on Saturday will only be one hour, from 10-11AM
  • Also do to the same challenges our Free Intro Class on Saturday is cancelled
  • Labor Day Schedule of classes is 9 and 10AM

Rock on!








Thursday’s WOD


High Bar Back Squat

-warm up to 70%+5-10# of 1RM, them perform 6×6 at 70%+5-10#, rest 60 seconds between sets

AMRAP 12 minutes
3 wall walks
30 step walking lunge with bar in front rack position, (95/65)
30 situps

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