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Mark Your Calendars for Hike Day – April 5th

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On April 5th, we will be having a special Wine Country CrossFit hike led by our own Lena Pollastro.

Come find out what your WOD partner does outside of WCCF. Lena has over 20 years of experience in community-based land conservation, volunteer program management and environmental education through both domestic and abroad programs. She supervises all components of the Land Trust of Napa County’s land acquisition and monitoring and enforcement programs, covering 81,000 acres of permanently preserved lands. She’s been working at the Land Trust for 12.5 years and has detailed, background information about most places in the county, including some of her favorite hiking areas – only accessible by guided hikes.

Our tentative plan is to hike to the top of Mt. George, the highest peak east of Napa. This mountain can be seen from the gym doors, when you look out across the city. Below you can find the official description of that hike. (Hard, 4 miles, 1-2k elevation):

Hike to the summit of Mt. George, the highest peak in southern Napa County, while observing early spring blooms within areas burned by the 2017 Atlas Fire.  The property is protected as a botanical preserve, with numerous rare, threatened and endangered plants, some of which are only seen after wildfires. We’ll hike up the south face of the mountain, then down the west face which provides spectacular views across the Napa Valley.  Bring: close-toed, sturdy hiking shoes; sun protection; plenty of drinking water and snacks; and hiking poles if desired.

Come put your fitness to the test while having a fun day out in nature with our gym family. More details to come!