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Coach Alyx Lives The Dream

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Coach Alyx Gardner is the recipient of the Live Your Dream award. Alyx is a full time student, a full time coach, and a single mom. She received an email from her college counselor that the Soroptimist Club of Napa has an award scholarship program. She applied!

The Soroptimist Club is an international volunteer organization that helps women and girls live their dreams.

Alyx’s application consisted of an essay. She wrote about obstacles she has overcome. She described her dream of owning her own gym.  She detailed the nutrition program she wanted to start.  She described how the money from the award would help her launch her own nutrition program. The revenue from the nutrition program would then help her buy the gym down the road.

First place Live Your Dream award is a $2000 scholarship. Second place is a $1000 scholarship. There were seven applicants. Alyx came in 2nd, and walked away with $1000.

We applaud you Alyx Gardner. You are a living example of how we don’t have to let hard times and difficult circumstances define us. You are, literally, living the dream! We are so proud of you.