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20/20 Vision

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The start of a new decade is a perfect time to look at where we want to be not only over the next year but also the next 10 years. It’s easy to continue to drift along on auto-pilot just focusing on the day to day front burner issues of life; but we have an opportunity now as we have been looking at our goals for 2020 to use that as a launching pad for the next 10.  

Adopting a broader view of our life and where we want to go, shapes a road map for us and slowly we have set ourselves up for success in the long term. 

We can use weight loss as an example of this. If we follow fad diets and drop our caloric intake to uncomfortable levels, we will drop weight quickly but this is not a sustainable practice and eventually we may go back to old habits and gain the weight back. Rather, if we take the time to implement changes slowly one at a time, so as not a shock to the body or completely unravel our daily routine, we can give ourselves a needed adjustment period so the change becomes more permanent. With this strategy, we lose the weight and keep it off because we have taken the time to create new habits. 

This strategy can be followed when we are talking about our long term goals as well. We can use this year to implement those smaller, habit changes or life changes that lead us to the success of our long term 10 year plan. 

And as with any goal, it is vital to be able to visualize what the end goal looks like. On February 2nd, we will be having a ladies vision board potluck brunch. We will gather for brunch and together each craft a vision board that you can take home using images, art or key words to map out what we want to “see” for our short and long term.  The brunch will be held at a private residence with coffee and mimosas provided.

Please sign up here and spread the word!

(Photo by Matt Noble on Unsplash)