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19.4 Has Started!

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We are tardy with our wrap up from 19.3. So first things first!

Team No Wine-ing is in the lead for The House Cup! Team No Wine-ing has 166 points to Team Flexies 129 points.

Don’t afraid Team Flexie members. There is still time to regain the lead. Participation is the name of the game. Attend Friday Night Lights. Bring a snack. Wear a costume. Log your score. Make sure your extra points get logged on the clipboard that circulates in the gym, etc.

On to 19.4, which looks to be a doosey! Just some snatches and burbees. Then some pulling on the bar and more burbees. The swift and skilled among us will fit it all in under the time cap. The rest of us will just work as hard as we can for the 12 minute duration.

First heat starts at 4.45PM, and they will run every 20 minutes. Know which heat you want? Send us a text and we’ll reserve your spot! 707-337-9441.

We are having so much fun doing The Open. We can’t wait to see you all in your glory tomorrow!