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Sumo Deadlift and Founder Position

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Watch your head position today. When deadlifting (in both the Sumo and regular deadlift) don’t “break the chain” and crane your neck–this usually happens when you keep your gaze in a fixed position. This alignment will be reinforced with the founder position work we get to midway through the workout. See if you can hold on to it during the AMRAP, you’ll be amazed at how much better your back will feel the next day compared to how it feels after a typical deadlift day!

Wednesday’s WOD

Sumo Deadlift

Add 5# to your previous working weight

founder positionPimp Your Pulls

Founder position – 2 min hold with extra focus on the upper body


AMRAP 15 minutes

8 Deadlift (reduce working Sumo weight by 20% for WOD)
8 Burpees over the Bar
28 Sit-ups

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