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Hang Clean & Jerk, Penalty WOD

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Penalty WOD

In our metcon today, we have a bit of a barn burner with what I’m calling the “Penalty WOD”.  I’m not upset with you, really, but want I want you to do is challenge yourself (like we talked about earlier in the week) with this workout and really learn about your limits and how far you can push them. Stop and think about this workout for a minute. If you’ve really, truly found your one rep max in the clean and jerk today and you’ve really, truly done your math correctly and use the 55-65% prescribed weight for the metcon you’ll be right in that sweet spot of maximizing your workout time, gaining excellent muscle memory, increasing your aerobic capacity and making gains in your muscle stamina.

Now, if you take it easy and just “get close” to your 1RM and then “get close” to the prescribed percentage on the weight, I’m not saying you are wasting your time (because, really, all workouts are worth you time in the end run), but wow, you really are not taking advantage of all the gifts I am bestowing upon you for this workout. That said, please pay attention to those working percentages–what a blowout if you go a little higher and then waste all your energy on doing 200m runs when you could be spending all that time on perfecting your movement and gaining all that great muscle memory.



Shoulder W Exercise Penalty WODThe exercise combines shoulder external rotation with scapular retraction and posterior tilt, definitely a great combo and advantageous for many people as it recruits the posterior rotator cuff (infraspinatus and teres minor) and the lower trapezius.

Plus, it’s performed bilaterally, which helps with posture and shoulder stability, and you can work both arms at the same time.  So more bang for your buck.¹ Here’s a decent post about some more on the W’s exercise.


Wednesday’s WOD

Hang Clean & Jerk 1RM

Pimp Your Pulls

W’s – 3×10 (3/1# Dumbbells)


4 rounds for time

10 deadlift
10 cleans
10 jerks
weight is 55-65% of hang clean & jerk

You can drop between movements, but if you drop during the rep scheme you have to run 200


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