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Careful With Your Picking and Choosing

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It became quite apparent to me this week that we may have a problem with posting the WODs early, it would appear that we have quite a few people picking and choosing which WODs they like or don’t.  On Tuesday, we planned to run 3 miles.  Due to poor weather conditions, the coaches decided to move the WODs for the week around a bit.  Oddly enough, we had one of the poorest attendance days we have seen in a long time.  Now, this I can understand, who wants to run 3 miles in the rain?  Fast forward to Thursday when we rescheduled the 3 mile run.  Again, attendance was way off. I even had a member tell me on Thursday “I thought I avoided this on Tuesday”.

As your coach, I can’t stress how important it is that you don’t pick and choose the WODs you want or don’t want to do.  If you have an injury that prevents you from doing a movement, that is a different story, but looking at a WOD and not coming to class because you don’t want to do it will simply hurt your overall fitness.  It is important that we do the things that we don’t like so that we can improve upon them.

We post the WODs early in hopes that everyone will try to get to the gym on days that include a movement that they need to work on.  Please use this information responsibly so that we can continue to post it in advance.



3 Rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds:

1 Minute hammer strikes (alternate left and right)
1 minute box jumps (20″/24″)
1 Minute dumbell hang power cleans (45/25)
1 Minute walking lunges with plate (45/25) (carried any way)

count total reps for score

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