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Guide to Choosing Boxing Bag Stands

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Lately we have heard concern from our members that there might be another shut down. Our crystal ball is currently out of order, so we hope for the best and plan for the worst. Should the worst occur, boxing at home is a great workout. So we thought a review on the merits of boxing and bag stands is in order.

Boxing is a sport where two individuals trade punches for a predetermined length of time. It involves intense training and a person requires both stamina as well as strength to be able to participate in the sport.

To achieve the stamina and needed strength, boxers typically have a variety of training equipment they use. One of such is the punching or boxing bag. This is a cylindrical, strong and sturdy leather or canvas bag that is designed for repeated punching. To make it strong and hard, it can be filled with different kinds of materials such as sand, water, fabric, leather, or wood clipping.

Asides from boxers, it is used by mixed martial sportsmen and women for training and it can also be used for general workouts by athletes, bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts. You can read more about this here.

A boxing bag can either be hung down from a ceiling, attached to a wall, or as it is common these days, on a punching bag stand. Using a stand makes it mobile as you can easily move it anywhere you need it or store it away when it is not in use. It is usually best for personal and home workouts as hanging it from a roof in your home can be untidy.

How to Choose a Punching Bag Stand

For most athletes, there is always a purpose to their training and exercise. It is either they are doing so for competitive purposes or they desire to build strength and muscles or stay fit. The goal is what will determine the kind of equipment that is used by the athlete.

For people who use boxing bags, it is the same, they want to either build strength, hand-eye coordination, or speed. Where you will be using the equipment matters as well as the type. All these including the height and quality are what is used to determine the kind of heavy bag stand that is suitable for you.

A Look at Some of the Best Stands Available

Stand for Heavy Bag by Everlast

A common name in sports equipment manufacturing is Everlast. The Everlast stand comes with a height of 84.25 inches. Although it is basic, it is sturdy as well as strong and this makes it great for use as it can hold weights of up to 45kg.

The Everlast is for holding only boxing bags and not speed balls but its design allows it to firmly hold that in place to prevent injury to your hands and wrist. The steel frame is powder-coated and can last a long time.

The Everlast is also pretty simple to assemble and give or take, it should be set up in about an hour. The only challenge to this stand is the way the frame legs are designed; it is only good for improving your muscles and strength and not your footwork.

Punching Bag Stand by BBE

The BBE is compact as well as lightweight. It weighs just 16.8kg and can hold up to 30kg of weight. One of the beautiful things about the BBE is that it can be folded away. It is only able to hold one bag at a time and would require up to about 60kg of weight to put it in place.

It comes with an affordable price tag but the major challenge is that it is suitable for shorter people as tall people over 170m may have a bit of a challenge using it for punches.

Three-way Frame Stand by Xn8 Sports

The Xn8 supports a heavy punching bag of between 60 to 150cm, a speedball, as well as a double-end bag and all these can be used simultaneously on the stand provided it does not exceed the maximum weight recommended for the stand. The Xn8 comes with a robust frame and it is simple to assemble.


Much more than its initial purpose of manufacture, boxing bags are now used widely for personal workouts and physical training. You can easily get one for your home gym. To use it at home, it is best to hang it on a stand rather than on the wall.

There are several stands out there and selecting one may be quite challenging but with this guide, you can narrow your options and go for some of the best available.